Month: February 2017

Chimney Cowls Fitted

Chimney Cowls Fitted

Chimney Cowls Fitted, Rain Cowls and Anti Down Draught Cowls in Dublin. Different type of cowls fitted.   Cowl that protect your chimney – These are Rain Cowls, Chimney Caps and Bird Guards in Dublin.     Cowls that may help or prevent down draughts which include Spinner Cowl, All Purpose Antidown Draught Chimney Cowl. … Read more

EPDM Flat Roof Repairs

City Roofing All Repairs

EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomor EPDM is a very durable synthetic rubber, used for flat roofs and gently sloped roofs. Dublin Roofing Services. Roofing Services we work with clients all over Dublin, installing high quality EPDM roofs. These roofs are available in both black (appears like a dark grey) or white. Our experienced team … Read more

Dublin Roofing Roof Maintenance

Gutter Replacement and Repairs Dublin

Dublin City Roofing | Spring Clean Roof Maintenance Deals. Avoid the hassle, expense and the aggravation of huge roof repair bills. Get your roof routinely checked. Regular maintenance Is the Key To A Healthy, Long-Lasting Roof.  Prevention is better than cure. Its true when you think of €500 of preventative maintenance a year is better … Read more

PVC Fascia and Soffit Kildare

PVC Fascia and Soffit Kildare

PVC Fascia and Soffit in Kildare County. PVC Fascia and Soffit installed repaired replaced and also cleaned. We replace or repair damaged or dated fascia and soffit at affordable rates. Cladding systems provide decorative and protective facing for buildings are available in a range of colours. It is also resistant to weathering, aggressive environments and … Read more

Roofing Repair Dublin

Roofing Repair Monkstown
Roofing Services we are experts in roofing and guttering and the laying and repairing of domestic & industrial roofs. With over 20 years of experience in roof repairs in all area’s of Dublin, we can supply and house out the installation of all aspects of roofing, Slating and tiling repairs. Slated and Tiled Roofs Lead ... Read more

Roofing Inchicore

Roofing and Gutttering Repairs South Dublin

Dublin City Roofing and Guttering in all area’s of Inchicore. Best Roofs and Roofing Repairs in Inchicore and Surrounding area’s. South Dublin Roof Repairs | Flat Roof | Roof Leaks | Guttering | Fascia and Soffit | Roofing Experts in Inchicore. Dublin City Roofing and Guttering. Free quotations Covering all area’s in and around Inchicore. … Read more