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7 Best Snapchat Alternatives For Iphone And Android

This next application that we have is like the easy-to-use version of Snapchat and even kids can use it. It has been said to be used by millions of users around school and campuses. Like Snapchat, this alternative provides photo and video messaging which can be enhanced by adding motion stickers, doodles and GIFs. To take pictures or videos, simply tap anywhere from the screen and you’re done. It is a decent app to use and it’s also great for younger users. In the current instant messaging app sector, Snapchat is no doubt the first choice of many people.

Through this feature the Snapchat app can scan a user’s face and place different 3D objects over it. Snapchat app allows companies to create lenses for promotion of their products and charges them for it. The Snapchat clone app can be integrated with an identical facial recognition mode and be a revenue earner for the promoter.

create an app like snapchat

If you like the idea of Snapchat but not the app itself, you’ve come to the right place. The most popular doesn’t really mean the most secured, and that is very important for me. For example this comparison has 2 messengers that faced data leakage and only one that didn’t.

“StoriesProgressView” provide us the ability to implement Status like WhatsApp or Stories likeInstagram into your app. Contact sync is a continuous process and require a persistence connection with server. But if you have a notification, live emojis, or any other form of interaction, React native won’t be able to deliver properly. When things aren’t done properly, especially with complex front end projects, things quickly go from manageable to a management hell. A huge issue I feel that exists in messaging is the lack of open protocols and standards that could facilitate this communication.

Top Reasons For Selecting Ionic For Your Mobile App Development

Now, let me walk you through why this architecture is great for growth and somewhat post growth stages. But this complexity wasn’t paid attention to when the project was started. Subsequently, GoSnap’s founder had to face weeks and weeks where the app wasn’t able to work. They are inherently so challenging, so complex, and at the same time so simple, that it could drastically change one’s perspective on limits of software engineering.

User can add, delete, block, find and connect with friends from other social media platforms. Snapchat also offers Snapcode and Snap Map to find friends. The unique feature about Clipchat is that it notifies you even if someone attempts to take a screenshot of your sent image. This ensures enhanced privacy since screenshot is the only way your images can be stored via such apps. Wuu deletes each sent and received messages within 24 hours and there are Wuubombs that vanish in seconds.

Aside from camera filters, this app provides you with two options in enhancing your image. Whether you want to beautify or edit the image by adding effects, text bubbles, stickers and many more. We are witnessing the trend of selfies with the entry of smartphones in our lives. This trend further took a significant change after the launch of Snapchat into the fray. The Artificial Intelligence technology and image learning algorithms, present on the app, changing the entire way of taking selfies now.

create an app like snapchat

GoSnap was serving around 1000 concurrent users, had 500k unique app users and 150k-200k snaps and messages were being uploaded daily. 100 requests per second were made to app’s database daily. Certainly, your app wouldn’t be huge right from the beginning as every venture needs some time to gain success. Once you decide to build a Snapchat-like application, you need to dive into the features needed for your messaging app. So, let us have a look at the features offered by Snapchat. Users get 7 lens options to create an adorable and funny face of their snaps and send it to their contacts for creating fun moments.

Decentralized Chat Architectures

Lenses Augmented reality experiences friends can play with. IOS 15 has created a lot of excitement in the market. It has shown the progress of Apple and how it has achieved technical advancement.

  • HIPAA compliance can be achieved using Firebase for React native apps.
  • What this app does is basically similar to that of Snapchat where you can take pictures or short videos via a built-in camera.
  • Users get 7 lens options to create an adorable and funny face of their snaps and send it to their contacts for creating fun moments.
  • It has been said to be used by millions of users around school and campuses.
  • Advertise on Snapchat Promote your website, app, or products with ads on Snapchat.

Burn Note doesn’t offer screenshot protection directly; rather it has an indirect way to do that. The recipient has to tap and hold the message box to view the message – which makes it literally impossible for one person to take a screenshot. It is not 100% secure, but I would appreciate their unique concept. To sum up, it’s a highly secure Snapchat Alternative. Let me say it directly, consider Wickr as one of the best apps similar to Snapchat.


Snow is a popular Snapchat alternative app downloaded and used by 100 million users in the world. This app offers to send funny and unique stickers to your friends while talking to them. During the video calls, the user can add stickers and make the call more enjoying. The last Snapchat alternative on our rundown is Yovo.

That leads to hacking around the package called “react-motion”. Real time chat update can pose some UI challenges with react, while in case of native its easy and smooth implementation. Using MobX with react native you can implement Status feature just like WhatsApp. There is also lack of different transform style with react which make stories look frustrating. While in case of react native, react-native-camera library, provide camera integration into your app.

The effects are classified into diverse categories and allow you to select the preferred one with ease. You can easily share the snaps using the diverse social networking platforms. The Yovo eliminates this insecurity of saving screenshots and sharing of your personal chat. Though it doesn’t directly forbid taking screenshots but sends a distortion wave on the screen blurring out everything there. Also, the app is not yet available on Android and is only up for iOS. If you wish to distribute your story, then you get the “My Story” feature.

It is widely accepted that data sharing uses huge battery but data usage is debatable. Different platform uses their own mechanism to track. I would suggest you to go with its native implementation. You can choose any of the two options available, weather go with Firebase+Dialogflow or Microsoft’s Bot framework.

Guide To Building Bank Application

And once when this communication Is started, this bridge won’t allow anything else. For example, if this bridge is being used for video call, it won’t allow even emoji’s to go through. If you are business heavy team that expects very low technology overhead, these 3rd party architectures are the best fit for you. Snapchat users can get content posted by Snapchat sponsors.

It too includes self-destructing images and videos with a simple touch. However, Clipchat appears to be different for it has a better user interface and faster speed for sending or receiving messages. Wickr Me tops the list of being one of the great Snapchat filter alternatives. It presents the users with an encrypted text, video along image messaging with full control for the user. Just like other apps you get a shredder function that permanently eliminates all erased images, videos, and messages. Be known that it is also possible to build an exact clone of WhatsApp with Fly’s capabilities.

create an app like snapchat

If you look at Telegram, Whatsapp, Skype, Slack, etc you would find that you can’t add users more than a specified limit. Now, your mobile app development agency would make prototypes for app pictures, user experience, etc, and ask you for suggestions if any. It is quite difficult to build a chat app from scratch integrating all these features in detail. Hence, the need for a framework which can be readily deployed in no time. Especially for enterprises which cannot spare much time for coding and development, a robust framework is of utmost importance.

What 4 Steps To Take In The App Development Process For A Successful Outcome?

According to me, Slingshot is the app like Snapchat, despite it’s not so widespread user base. There’s hardly any difference between Slingshot and Snapchat. Like the latter, the former has a photo cum video sharing feature, and the media destroys itself after viewing.

What Is The Technology Stack Used To Build A Powerful App Like Snapchat?

Instagram is about as close to Snapchat that you can get without it actually being Snapchat. You can even upload videos and photos to your Instagram Story that will auto-delete after 24 hours. The whole experience feels better integrated into Instagram’s core premise than Facebook. Plus, you get all the features of Snapchat along with a full social network that is camera first, words second.

Secondly, you are allowed to set a “self-destruct timer” which will destroy your images soon after the deadline. The messages are end-to-end encrypted, and nobody can read them, even the Wickr team. Wickr how much did it cost to make snapchat also assured that your private data, including your location, is safely deleted in a non-traceable manner. Wickr doesn’t store your data – yet alone sell it, so there’s no room for content mining.

Cost Of Making A Messaging App Using A Off

The user is instantly notified if the receiving person message tries to capture the message in the form of a screenshot. Similar to Snapchat, this Snapchat alternative app comes with filters, graffiti, and stickers useful to take pictures. The user can send media files to their contacts and groups without leaving any imprint to trace it back. There are no ads that is annoying and degrade your experience while using the app. No phone number or email is required to register on the app. Are you ready to have some serious fun by animating your own face using filters?

Since it’s from the house of Facebook, the interface is pretty clean and sleek. The main disadvantage although is that it is not yet available for https://globalcloudteam.com/ Android. The concept might sound boring, but it’s pure awesomeness when you have a front camera and a dozen friends to interact with on Snapchat.

Some people treat these as dating services and it just doesn’t work like that. In any case, it’s a good way to fill out your Snapchat friends list if yours is a little smaller than you would like. If you are looking for apps like Snapchat that can provide you with an animated filter as you do your selfie or video selfie, then check MSQRD. This mobile program can change anyone’s face into an astronaut, an animal or anything that they chose from the filters.

Facebook created Slingshot, later on, to compete with Snapchat, but Slingshot didn’t receive the tremendous popularity that Snapchat got. All thanks to Snapchat and its famous filters that make you look extremely creative online. These are some of the specifics you’ll need to develop and app like WhatsApp. WhatsApp may run the market but there are still space for your app to thrive, once you understand what particular feature your app hosts that WhatsApp doesn’t. For medium app Scale Tier will come into picture with $799.

So far, what we have seen are something called a centralized chat architectures. Decentralized architectures are mainly based on top of Blockchains or Distributed Ledgers to support decentralized secure chat services. This is where I would expect you to take notes on technology selection. Secret’s team quickly ended up rejecting Layer as a possibility, as they couldn’t iterate or customize it enough. Plus they wanted complete control over their data as well. A good starting point is that you are just starting and your customer base is small or is going to smaller for sometime.


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