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Chimney Repairs Dublin

Chimney Repair Experts in Dublin

Chimney Repairs DublinDublin City Roofing Contractors provides high quality professional services with regards to the maintenance and repair of chimneys. Our company specializes in rooftop flashing of which frequent inspection is undergone. In this regard, our trained staff install, replace, and repair chimney flashing as well. You can contact us to learn more about this service or see it for yourself!
The installation of flashing is usually carried out around the chimney in order to prevent water from leaking inside from the area and seeping into the roof. In the Dublin region, strong winds can sometimes cause the flashing to bend and become loose thus thorough regular checks must be carried out by owners to ensure its intactness. Thus the importance of safe and secure chimneys can’t be overstated.

Chimney Flashing Repairs Dublin

The condition of the chimney flashing can be examined by chimney repair specialists in Dublin. Flashing can be damaged by the high speed winds in Dublin. In this regard, the flashing along the seams where skylights and pipes intersect with other surfaces on the roof is checked for minute tears as these are enough to result in water leakage.
Our skilled staff also specializes in chimney repair services where we carry out roof inspection which includes the flashing. Contact us now to carry out inspection of your roof so we can determine its condition as damaged surfaces can result in substantial damage to your home.

Full Service Roofing Contractors in Dublin

Dublin City Roofing Contractors’s headquarters are situated at Oceanic Suite, Centre Block, Docklands Innovation Park, 128-130 East Wall Road, Dublin 3, Ireland. Our main task is to provide high quality chimney and flashing repairs for our customers. So if you feel like your chimney or flashing is in need of repair or you are looking for a chimney specialist in Dublin, contact us to avail the best professionally reliable services. We also offer attractive discounts to our first-time customers.
Our firm provides an expanded scope of services with regards to roof related tasks. In addition to providing chimney repairs in Dublin, our firm also deals in general roofing repair services such as the installation of roofs as well as providing specialized roof repair services. Our skilled staff also handle the installation of fascia, soffit and gutter systems in Dublin. You can contact us now to install a new flat roof or carry out repair on your existing roof and we will be happy to oblige.

Free Estimate & Damage Evaluation

Dublin City Roofing Contractors offers free estimates to our valued customers. As described above, a damaged chimney can cause significant risks to homeowners so why don’t you contact us today by phone to schedule a service appointment.

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