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We conduct business from Oceanic Suite, Centre Block, Docklands Innovation Park, 128-130 East Wall Road, Dublin 3, Ireland. Our firm offer a comprehensive array of roofing services in addition to performing “roof and fascia repairs Dublin.” We welcome enquiries from interested prospective customers.

Related Services we provide for example, we repair a variety of different types of roofing. Customers also ask us to install flat roofs and fibreglass roofs. We perform chimney repairs, as well as the installation of stylish fascia, soffit, and gutter systems. Many customers welcome the opportunity to obtain both roofing repairs and gutter system installations from the same roofing contractor. We’ll help match the appearance of these components to existing residential trim colours upon request.

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Fasia Soffit & Gutter Repair & Replacment

Wood seems to be the most popular roofing material, especially in older homes. After several years of enduring the forces of nature, the protective layers of paint begin to peel off. Finally, the wood begins to soak the rainwater and begins the process of destruction. Coatings must protect the skeleton. However, wooden ones also begin to rot. You need to repair the frame to protect your home.

For Fascia & Soffit Repairs, check gutters and drainage pipes at least once a year. Remove all organic matter from the interior to ensure adequate water flow. Whenever you suspect there is a problem with the roof, act immediately, a quick response can mean the variation between minor repairs and a costly renovation of the entire roof structure.

Nowadays you can avoid a constant fight against leaks. Install a safe and elegant drainage mechanism to protect your home.

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Colour Range & PVC Types

When it comes to fascia soffit and gutters, there is wide range of colours and materials depending on your house not including steel or cast-Iron  gutters which are popular in older homes especially larger Georgian properties for example.  We stock a full range of colours and types and, most fascia and soffits are usually black or white Upvc.  however we have a full range of types such as timber, aluminium.  We stock and fit all types and can match up with what you have for repairs.

Gutter Systems Repairs

During former eras, vintage buildings sometimes lacked gutters and downspouts. Yet in the modern era, builders possess a keen understanding of the vital importance of waterproofing. Installing a new roof (or obtaining roofing repairs) often presents a good opportunity to add a dependable new gutter system to an older home or business property in Dublin.

The addition of a well-designed rooftop gutter drainage system helps protect man-made structures. Our firm offers excellent products. We strive to provide top quality craftsmanship at affordable rates.