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Roofing Repairs Dublin

Have you searched for an experienced roofing repair contractor in the Greater Dublin Area? Our location adjoining the Irish Sea often subjects us to harsh incoming storm systems. Pounding winds, ice, and fierce gales all exact a heavy toll on rooftops.

Property owners in Dublin discover advantages in requesting frequent roof inspections. Our firm offers fast, dependable assistance. We serve customers who find themselves searching online for experienced “roof repairs Dublin services.”

Contact us at Oceanic Suite, Centre Block, Docklands Innovation Park, 128-130 East Wall Road, Dublin 3, to request roof inspections and roof repair services.

We Offer High Quality Repair Services

Our team of experienced, licensed roofers possesses expertise repairing a variety of different types of local roofs. We’ve invested in commercial grade tools, equipment, and safety gear. We possess the capability to work on multi-story homes and businesses efficiently and safely.

Roofing repairs demand close attention to craftsmanship. Yet roofers also must exercise care while evaluating the condition of roofs after storms, and repair services. Badly damaged roofs frequently include loose tiles and bent fascia. Roofers strive to prevent loose materials from dropping onto the ground unexpectedly. We take precautions to minimise the risk of accidents. Our customers appreciate the excellent quality of our roof inspection and repair services!

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if you are considering getting some work done and you want to assess the most suitable roofers for the Job in Dublin, why dont you get a free quote along with a roof assessment to evaluate the best way to proceed with your project, either way, at the end you will be more informed and wiser as to what is the best action to take.  Call us on  01 5820079

Emergency Roofing Repairs

We provide a full service emergency roofing repair service in Dublin and throughout the county, often with changing weather patterns over the last few years roofing emergencies in homes are becoming more frequent along with other damage in roofs aside from weather has created an unpredictability and its important to have a reliable emergency roofing repair contractor in the City that you can call and rely on to repair water leaks, waterproof and reseal penetrated roofs and ceilings. We're a roofing repair expert specialising in emergency repairs and related services.  Call us. 

We a long-time client of Dublin City Roofing and would highly recommended these guys who have take care of a number of our properties over the years in South Dublin, greatly appreciate their reliability and are just easy to deal with.

- Michael Andrews

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