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Welcome to Dublin City Roofing who are a premium roofing contractor in Dublin providing roofers services throughout Dublin for the last 25 years and strive to provide our clients with quality affordable roofing services such as roof repairs, emergency roofing, gutter services, flat roofing, skylight services and gutter cleaning and all waterproofing services for Dublin home owners.  If you are considering a project, why not let us give you a free quote and some advice on how best to proceed with the work.

The Problem

 Finding reliable roofing contractors that can full-fill you work requirements and make your home watertight and to get this completed so you are absolutely sure that it is done to a high standard and done at an affordable and competitive price using high grade materials. 

The Solution

 We're a local roofing contractor based in Dublin and have been serving Dublin home owners for nearly 30 years, our work comes guaranteed and we only use high grade building materials that will stand the test of time. Call us for a free quote

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We provide reliable, affordable roofing repairs in Dublin. We provide free inspection coupled with qualified Roofers in Dublin

The Great City of Dublin provides beauty tradition and is a lovely setting. This historic community appeals to residents and visitors alike. It still boasts many fine older residential areas.

To obtain skilled roofing services, including complete roof replacements and new installations, contact our firm. We possess extensive experience as full-time roofing craftsmen. We offer high quality construction coupled with attractive prices!

Roofing Repair Services

Property owners seeking skilled roofing services in Dublin, Ireland often utilise Internet search tools. Hunting for "roofers Dublin" or "roofing contractors Dublin" online may prove daunting. This type of Internet search usually reveals a long list of results.

Our firm stands out when customers request well qualified roofers in this area. We furnish a complete spectrum of services, including:

  • Roofing Repairs
  • Emergency Roofing
  • Flat Roofing
  • Skylights & Attic Windows
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Gutter Services
  • Dry Verge Systems

New or Replacement Roof Installations

Felt Roofing Repairs or Replaced

When should homeowners in Dublin consider asking us to install a new or replacement roofing system?  Many considerations enter into this process. Just consider some of the most important reasons to request this service:

  • A roof has reached the end of its anticipated useful lifespan;
  • Visible sagging and warping distort the roof;
  • An old roof displays such extensive damage that replacement presents a more cost-effective option than roof repairs;
  • Customers desire to refurbish their residence with an attractive new roof;
  • An insurer recommends obtaining a new roof rather than attempting to correct roof damage.

Fascia and Soffit Supply and Repairs in Dublin

Ask Us about different Fascia, Soffit, And Guttering Systems

One of the most important services we offer concerns the installation of dependable guttering systems. Harsh weather systems sometimes afflict this region. A secure, well-maintained guttering system proves vital in helping to channel rain and snow runoff away from building foundations. Customers benefit from our skilled fascia, soffit, and guttering system installation and repair services.

Roofing Artane

Average Roofing Replacement Costs Dublin

The material your flat roof is made of will have a direct impact on where you’re likely to find a leak. When hiring a contractor, it’s important to advise the professional of the material to confirm they have experience repairing this type of roof.

  • Metal roofing systems. They will commonly have leaks due to puncture holes from debris or gaps formed by rust. Loose or missing screws and fasteners are another reason a metal roof may leak. Metal roofs are very durable and can last decades, but the cost to repair them can range from €500 to €800.
  •  Tiles. Roofs using tiles can make it difficult to locate the source of the leak because of the many different patterns that rainwater flows off of the tiles. Damaged tiles are common sources of roof leaks and it costs around €150 to €500 replace the defective tiles.
  • Clay tiles. When used on a roof, they can become cracked and damaged. The valley on a clay roof is also prone to collecting debris and contributing to roof leaks. The average cost to repair a clay tile roof with new sections is between €250 and €750.
  • Solar tiles. Solar tiles are used as a replacement for your existing roof tiles. Solar tiles are a newly developed product, so any issues with a roof leaking would need to be directed to the installer. Solar tiles are typically protected under a 25-year warranty, so any costs to repair them will usually be covered in the purchase price.
  • Composite roof. A composite roof uses a few materials for installation including tar and slate. Leaks in these types of roofs can be caused by the tiles, joints, trim pieces, seals or flashing. The final cost to repair a composite type of roof depends on what exact materials were used for installation.
  • Wood roof. The tiles or valleys on a wood roof may need repairing to fix any leaks. The cost to repair a wood roof with new tiles is about €600 to €900.
  • Slate roof. Slate roof repairs for a leak are typically needed due to broken tiles or damaged flashing. The average cost to replace slate tiles is €150 to €250 while flashing repairs may cost upwards of €800.


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