Roofing Services in Ticknock, D18

Roofing Services We Provide

The following is a list of some of the roofing services that Dublin City Roofing Contractors Provide to homeowners in the Dublin area and professional services that we have over 30 years experience as specialised roofing contractors in Dublin.   

Roofing Repairs Roof Maintenance

Dublin City Roofing provides all types of roofing related services such as repairs, leaks, fixes and maintenance services throughout the townland of Ticknock and county.

emergency roofing repairs

Emergency Repairs Roof Leak Fix

Dublin City Roofing provides swift and reliable local based emergency roofing repairs in Ticknock. Our firm is involved in fixing roofing leaks and repairing storm damaged roofs which are damaged by the weather conditions in the area of Dublin. We also provide the repair services of loose slate and tiles and while also aid in the resealing of leaking roofs after weather caused damages.

Gutter Replacement Supply Gutter Repair Dublin

Gutter Services Install & Repairs

If your roof gutter is in need of cleaning and repair, Dublin City Roofing will provide thorough maintenance services while gutter installation and fitting as well as replacement services are all provided. PVC gutters are available for fitting and replacement in stock in wide color ranges and types whilst the resealing of joints is also provided.

Chimney's Repairs & Maintenance

Older chimneys often require repairs and maintenance due to cumulative damage caused by harsh weather conditions and constant exposure to the elements in the Ticknock area. Dublin City Roofing provides high quality chimney repairs for this purpose and we also offer our customers a free chimney repair quote for their own assistance.

fascia-and-Guttering-Roofing-Repairs Dublin

Facia & Soffits Installation & Repairs

Dublin City Roofing provides a vast and comprehensive selection of variety with regards to PVC fascia and soffits. Fascia and soffits are parts of the roof that cover the rafters and the ends of the roof. We provide installation services of fascia and soffits while also providing maintenance on older PVC gutters etc.

repairing a flat roof in Dublin

Flat Roofing Flat Roof Repairs

Dublin City Roofing is one of the most established and well reputed roofing companies located in Dublin. Our speciality involves providing roofing repairs and replacement services of flat roofs. We are also qualified to work with not only flat roofs but all types of roofs such as asphalt and fiberglass etc. and we also provide repair services on all types of flat roofs at affordable prices. 

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